The world’s richest man appears to have had it with this whole working-from-home business.

Source: Elon Musk Tells Tesla Workers to Return to the Office or Leave the Company – Bloomberg

Additional proof that Elon Musk is not as smart as people make him out to be.

Working from the office, for a vast majority of office workers, is the old S-curve. That is was so was apparent before the pandemic. The pandemic only accelerated the adoption of remote work. And it’s not going anywhere.

A majority of office workers do not like having to go into an office. Commute time, small talk with co-workers, constant interruptions, and office politics all are to blame for workers’ dissatisfaction with the office. In addition, for some of us, it’s apparent the pandemic is not over, despite what billionaires want us to believe.

In response to a question about remote workers working for any of his companies via a tweet, he responded with “They can go pretend to work somewhere else.” Recent research has shown that remote workers are more productive than in-office workers.

So not only is he giving a class in being emotionally tone-deaf, but he is actively trying to decrease his workers’ productivity (this is on top of his insistence on 40 PLUS hours of work a week – also shown to lower productivity).

I expect a brain drain from the Musk properties over the next year. Overworked, ignored, and abused employees do not make for long-term ones. There are other companies embracing the current trends and showing the EQ necessary to navigate in this new world. You don’t have to work for an asshole. So don’t.