If you are looking at getting a freelance technical person from Fiverr or you are trying to get some programming work through the same to complete some web development, a script, a standalone application, or installations, then in order to increase the chances that your project gets done, you need to follow these guidelines. (Either make sure you provide them or are provided them.)


This is a relative term, but the idea is that the software you get developed should do one thing and do it very well. Adding all kinds of bells and whistles to a product or project that are ancillary to the main task will increase the time it takes to develop and reduce the likelihood that the project will be completed. Follow Einstein’s advice: “Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Short timeline

Push for the shortest deadline for the completion of the project. If you give a developer a couple of weeks for something that should take a couple of days, it’ll be put on hold and be forgotten about and then you’ll end up chasing after them right before the deadline. If it’s going to take 5 days to complete the project, then expect the project to be delivered in 5 days.

Well Defined

Know what you want your software to do before you hire someone to develop it. Brainstorm it for a few days. Changes to specifications or ambiguities after development has started will throw the project into chaos and may result in higher costs, missed deadlines, or a project that just doesn’t get done.

Well Documented

Once you know what you want – write it down. Make sure you write down things that you would think were taken for granted. Develop mock screens and give them to the developer. The devil is in the details here and developers aren’t mindreaders. Update the documentation as (inevitable) changes occur during the project. Failure to communicate effectively your wishes to the developer will lead to frustration, disappointment and may cause a developer to abandon your project.

If you keep these 4 things in mind when getting your software developed you will have a relatively pain-free project and then you can move on to the next one!