It doesn’t matter if you start with C++ or Java or Python or Javascript or any other language for that matter. Learning a new language doesn’t take long and it shouldn’t be a #1 priority either.

The programming language, tools, and deployment types matter less than the big rock of being able to solve problems.

Solving problems is a programmer’s job. It’s really their only job.

Once you know how to solve problems, then it’s up to you to select the appropriate tools to accomplish the goals you have.

Will certain tools get you to the solution faster and more efficiently? Yes.

Do you have to know them when you start solving the problem? No.

Stop trying to front-load yourself with the ‘best’ programming language. It doesn’t exist and even if it did, it’s going to get replaced with the next ‘best’ in a few years anyway.

Sure, learning to program is a how of solving a problem. It is necessary.

Concentrate on solving problems and learning how to learn.

Once you have those as a programmer, you’re golden.